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We chose our products with the sole desire
to return to the fundamentals of Greek diet as handed down to us by Hippocrates.
We followed the trail of the Inotropes, Elais, Spermo and Ino, whose grandfather God Dionysus conferred to them a unique charisma:



“to get out of earth olive oil,
grain and wine"

According to mythology the Inotropes provided in abundance grains and foods to those arriving at the Oracle of Dilos for a prophecy. Their names intimately linked to the three basic products of Greece, olive oil, grain and wine.


With the firm belief that we need nothing more than the "basics":


• We offer products that are born of nature and are unaltered in that, products such as olive oil, honey and herbs.


• We recommend hand crafted products prepared the way our grandmothers taught us, such as wild artichoke in olive oil, pickled bulbs, xinohondros (bulgar), and grapemust.


• We bring together traditional recipes with modern gastronomical trends in a wild artichoke paste.


• We use only ancient natural conservatives, oil, lemon and vinegar.


• We make available only such quantities of our products as our land permits us annually.


• We recommend simple ways to savour them, providing to each offspring of the Greek land the handling it well deserves.


• The complete array of products on our offering constitutes an almost full daily menu of healthy and tasteful foods to be had as appetizers, or for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert even.



ARTEMA is a series of natural and hand crafted Greek products from the lands of our fathers,
Crete and Messinia. It is a dream to spread the world round select gastronomical treasures
of traditional Greek diet, being synonymous with health and longevity.

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